The Grail is an Outer Estate with the Main Building producing special resource – the Black Gems.
The mining speed: 200 BG per hour.

The Grail appears on a random field of the Map and can be seen by all players without prior exploration. Once a day, at 8 pm server time, the Grail changes its position randomly. Just like other Outer Estates, the Grail has its limited lifespan, displayed inside or on the Main Building.

The Grail has neither a Gate, nor a Tunnel, hence it can be attacked at any time.

In the Grail, there are 4 cells to build Defensive and other buildings on. Just as in the city, one can also construct buildings in the neighboring Villages. However when the Grail gets relocated, all its buildings and the ones in the Villages will be destroyed, and its Assistance missions resign and go back to their domains. A relocated Grail becomes neutral, the troops from its Garrison leave for the player`s nearest domain with Escape mission.