Barracks are Underground domains. They are hidden and can be discovered by explorers.
A Barrack is generated as neutral, its race is Knights. After the seizure of the building the race inside the Barracks changes to the race of the new owner.
The barracks exist for 14-18 days.

To seize a Barrack, you have to study science "Underground domains".

Barracks can be seized, robbed, one can capture slaves and demolish buildings in them. A Barrack has 43 cells, 8 to 18 of which have lvl 7 military buildings on them. These buildings cannot be demolished or damaged.
You can construct buildings on the other cells in the same way as in Pits, except military buildings, clan warehouse and clan reservation.

There are 8 types of Barracks. The type of a Barrack is determined by the specialization according to one of the unit types, for instance, Mercenaries.
On the Alvilág map, it is indicated by the unit's mark on the icon of the domain.

The Garrison of a Barrack is a place for the army, whose type depends on the type of military buildings in this domain.
The army in the Barrack's defense has random race and does not belong to monsters.
The army has parameter "Troops in the estate do not demand salary" active, which disappears after the first seizure of the estate.

The parameters of the estate that influence one specific type of units are indicated in the tooltip of the Central Building.
The first 3 parameters work inside the estate, the next 3 work globally in all estates including the current one (e.g. Ancient Magic) and decrease the parameters of unit training (cost in resources, time of training, number of population). The parameters of several Barracks are stacked.