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__Orc Barracks__
__Orkok laktanyája__
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||Level||[{Image src='gold.png'}]||[{Image src='wood.png'}] ||[{Image src='stone.png'}]||[{Image src='iron.png'}]||[{Image src='pearl.png'}]||Queue limit||One unit training\\time, minutes
||Szint||[{Image src='gold.png'}]||[{Image src='wood.png'}] ||[{Image src='stone.png'}]||[{Image src='iron.png'}]||[{Image src='pearl.png'}]||Rendelés limitje||Edzés ideje\\ 1 unita, perc
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Combat units – the [Cavalry|UnitParametrs] – can be trained in the building.\\
Az épületben a harci unitokat lehet kiképezni - [Lovasokat|UnitParametrs].\\
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[To Buildings List|Clan_castle] [Next page|flyer_build_kz]
[Az épület listához|Clan_castle] [Tovább lapozni a listát|flyer_build_kz]