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In the __"Underground Lakes Occupation"__ tournament the purpose of each participant is to seize and occupy as many Underground Lakes as possible before they brake down.\\
[{Image src='grotto_hall.png' align='center' }]\\
Only __«Suzerains»__ can participate in this tournament.
\\In the beginning of the tournament, 30 Underground Lakes appear in different random places all over the Empire Map. Each tournament participant can own only one Underground Lake at a time regardless of Science “Outer Domains” restrictions. Being captured, an Underground Lake starts to break down and will be completely self-destroyed after 8 hours. If prior to destruction another player captures the Underground Lake, the countdown of 8 hours starts again. At the moment of complete self-destruction of the possessed Underground Lake, the lake's owner gets one score. An Underground Lake __cannot be given up__! \\
The tournament lasts 10 days and ends no matter how many Lakes have been occupied. All Lakes break down at once and are scored to their last owner. The prizes are distributed according to the scores for Underground Lakes kept, in the case of a tie the first player wins.\\
You can see the current state of Lakes occupied in the Rating tab "Tournament".\\
__Tournament prizes:__ \\
__1 place__ - level 4 artifact, \\
__2-6 place__ - level 3 artifacts, \\
__7-26 place__ - level 2 artifacts, \\
__27-100 place__ - level 1 artifacts.\\
All players, who kept at least one lake, but didn't make it in the first hundred, receive a consolation prize – a level 3 scroll.\\
All players who score 1-100 place will receive a __medal__ for winning the Tournament «Underground Lakes Occupation». If you win once again while you already have the medal, it will be marked with a digit specifying how many times you have already won. The medal is given right after the Tournament is over, no matter whether the player has accepted the reward or not.\\
__Tournament services__ (Help for the Tournament)\\
Following services are available for purchase during the 24 hours: \\
* Ancient Army summon for defending Underground Lakes: the Ancient Army will start the alliance mission in the moment you seize a Lake and will stay there until is brakes down. \\
* Hero squad mission duration -10%. \\
* Maximum defense in Underground Lakes: active in every Underground Lake seized by the player.\\
All of the above mentioned services remain active until the Tournament is over. \\
Service available during the whole Tournament, but applicable only once a Tournament:
* Display a random Underground Lake.\\
* Send 70% of monsters from a Ruin into attack. \\
* Dissolve the restriction on lower ranked ruins attack for 4 hours. \\
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